Ganapathy Gems Oxodised Silver Jhumka with Terquise and Lapis Droplets for Women


Ganapathy gems
Oxidized silver

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Oxidised Silver Jewellery: Vintage Design, Modern Appeal

If you ever needed a reason to accessorise, this is it. Effortlessly stylish, chic, and cost effective oxidised silver jewellery can be your perfect companion for any occasion.

Oxidation For That Oomph

Fashion and jewellery have been inseparable for centuries. The Indus Valley Civilisation brought the art of jewellery making to India, but it was the Mughals who gave it the exquisite designs we see today. The trend of using silver as an accessory hit the fashion scene a couple of centuries ago. Since then, there’s been no looking back.

The addition of a tarnish to the silver, by oxidation, began in 1100 AD, and it gave rise to a new style of silver jewellery. One that had less of a sparkle, but a deeper, more mysterious beauty. Oxidation sometimes involves the process of blending two types of metal to create an alloy, but silver is usually oxidised by exposure to sulfur.

A Sizzling, Sterling Trend

Oxidised silver jewellery comes in a range of designs, some with intricate enamel work and some with delicate stones. Coloured stones look doubly beautiful when set in oxidised silver because of the dark, shadowed background that the metal offers. Expert craftsmanship and innovative designs on this type of metal have given it a modern touch and more versatility.

Flaunt your neckline with an oxidised silver necklace or make a statement with a pair of chunky earrings. The striking look colours of oxidised silver jewellery perfectly complements the Indian skin tone and sets off any colour of clothing beautifully.

Bring in that rustic appeal to your outfit with oxidised silver accessories that are engraved or embellished with coloured beads. The motifs on the jewellery are usually heavily inspired by nature, Mughal, Persian, and Turkish architecture, and traditional artwork like kundan and meenakari.

Whether it’s a regular outing with your friends or a fun cocktail party, oxidised silver accessories will help you create a great impression. A choker will help you nail that retro look if you pair it with ethnic outfits or Indo-Western wear, and you can show off those perfect nails by using pretty rings with intricate designs. Going for an edgy outfit? You should definitely give some embellished ear cuffs a try.

Keep Your Oxidised Silver Safe

Prolong the life of your silver accessories using this quick care list:

  • This jewellery was meant to look darkened, so don’t polish it
  • Keep it wrapped in a cotton cloth, in a dark, cool place
  • Don’t let makeup or perfume touch its surface
  • If it gets dirty, clean it with a little soap, warm water, and a soft cloth
  • Store your jewellery in separate pouches (even pairs of earrings) as it’s a soft metal and scratches easily

Take your pick from our extensive collection of oxidised silver jewellery and find that perfect accessory for yourself.

Ganapathy gems
Oxidized silver
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