Do you know! What is KASAVU?


Kasavu is a traditional clothing of Kerel’s Women. Kasavu is the enhanced version of a dhoti that is a handwoven cream colored saree with gold border, a blouse & a stole. Its a sign of simplicity, elegance & class. This is use to draped in 9 yards of fine cloth. It is also known as Kasavu, Kerela Kasavu , and Mundum Neriyathum…

Origin and History
Kerala Kasavu is also known as ‘Mundum Neryathum’. Time to Time this ethnic fabric spread out to the southern parts of India and became bulging in Kerala. This outfit till the 1970s was not worn as a typical sari, as the pallu was not considered as something that had to be arranged as an upper dress.

Faces Behind the fabric
This creation presented on the sari denoted and defined the personality and the cultural aspect of women who had their cultural roots deep in the world of Kerala. The original spirit of this fabric stroked a obvious attendance showed through the amazing drafts of Painter Raja Ravi Verma. The design of this textile also found its popularity in the mythological epics like Mahabharata which described Shakuntala in many Kerala Kasavu attires.

The basic dress of Kerala Kasavu is basically considered into two pieces of clothes; one is the ‘kara’ which represents the colored jiff of a scheme that is printed in the border and the second which is the ‘Mundu’ that defines the lower portion of the dress. The apparel also consists of the upper garment which is acknowledged as the ‘Neriyathu’.

Lets find out some Kasavu Saree..

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